DC’s largest lottery jackpot jackpot has finally been declared after months of speculation and speculation that the winner of the 2015 jackpot would not be named until next week.

    On Wednesday, a federal judge rejected an appeal from a group of lottery winners, who wanted to remain anonymous to protect their identities, but the DC Lottery Authority said it will announce the winner on Thursday.

    The group, which includes winners of several state lottery races, including the DC Metropolitan Metropolitan Racing League (DMRL), filed a lawsuit seeking to have the jackpot declared invalid.

    They say the winners are being targeted by an industry-wide conspiracy to manipulate the lottery to benefit themselves and their families, according to The Washington Post.

    The DC Lotteries Authority said in a statement on Wednesday that it had received the decision from a federal district judge.

    It said it plans to announce the winning lottery winner in the coming days.

    The announcement will include details of how the jackpucky was awarded, it said.