Wisconsin has been selected as the winner of the nation’s lottery, making it the first state to win a major lottery in over a century.

    The lottery results are announced Wednesday at 3 p.m.

    EDT (GMT).

    The state’s Lottery Administrator announced the results late Monday.

    The winner will be announced at a news conference Thursday morning.

    The Wisconsin lottery was the first of its kind in the United States.

    The state has never had an all-inclusive lottery in its history.

    The first all-out-of-state lottery, in 1984, was the last in the state before it was replaced by the statewide lottery in 1989.

    It’s also the last state to have the state’s lottery system operated by the Department of Finance and Administration.

    Wisconsin became the third state to use the state lottery in 2004, with its first winner selected in 2000.

    Wisconsin was the state that started the all-expenses-paid lottery in 2009.

    Its first-time winner was Jason Collins, the Wisconsin Bucks basketball player, who won a $1.1 million jackpot.

    Collins was also the first winner of a state lottery jackpot, in 2005, when he won $5.4 million.

    The number of winners in Wisconsin’s lottery so far is 9.3 million, which makes it the fifth-most popular lottery in the country.

    In total, Wisconsin’s first- and second-place finishes rank fourth and fifth, respectively.

    The Lottery Administration is calling the lottery results a success, noting that there was no major injury to the state from the jackpot winnings.

    The jackpot total is $1,934,000,000.

    The winners include more than 1,300 Wisconsin residents and businesses, and more than 3,000 guests from across the country, according to the lottery agency.

    The total number of state winners is 5,814,918, according the lottery’s website.

    The winnings will be distributed among the winners in the following order: $7,500,000 to each winner in the lottery; $1 million to the first $2,000 winner; $500,00 to each of the first 2,000 winners; $150,000 each to the second $2 and the third $3 winners; and $50,000 apiece to the remaining winners.

    The amount of state lottery winnings distributed to the winning households is $5 million.

    “This is the biggest lottery jackpots in Wisconsin history,” Governor Scott Walker said in a statement.

    “The lottery winners are making a big difference to the people of Wisconsin and I applaud the Wisconsin lottery authorities for their hard work.”

    The winners of the lottery are listed below.

    Wisconsin Lotteries, a division of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and Industry, is the state agency that manages the lottery.

    The winning numbers will be released at a press conference at 3:30 p..m., and will be broadcast live on the State Lottery Network.

    More to come.