They watch basketball games on the television.

    There’s an obvious TV audience for basketball games, but this year’s slate of live NBA games could help.

    NBA fans are expected to tune in to watch the games on television. 


    They’ve got more games than they can fit in.

    There are at least 30 NBA games scheduled for this season, and if the NBA schedule is any indication, the league will have more than enough games for every fan.


    NBA teams have been working on new arenas for decades.

    This year, the NBA is expanding its NBA Arena brand, which is currently available to a limited number of local venues.


    NBA games are popular with young people.

    According to a recent ESPN/ABC poll, young people are the biggest fans of the NBA.

    According a report from the Wall Street Journal, the average age of a basketball fan in the U.S. is 22, and they’re watching NBA games at a higher rate than ever before.


    They can stream the games.

    The NBA already has an online streaming service for the game, but the NBA’s NBA Arena app lets fans stream games on their mobile devices.


    They’re cheap.

    The average NBA game cost around $40 million in 2017, and it’s expected that the league’s new online streaming app will be around $20 million.


    The league has a lot of potential.

    According the ESPN/CBS poll, only 16% of American adults say they watch basketball regularly.

    That could change.

    According CNN, if the league keeps building its brand, the ratings could increase.

    And if they don’t, the audience could start to shrink.


    NBA players have already been making a name for themselves. 

    NBA star LeBron James, who is one of the league at-large’s biggest stars, was named the NBA player of the year in 2017.

    James also won the MVP award in 2018, and he’s one of only two players in NBA history to win three NBA titles.


    They have fans in other countries.

    Many of the fans watching the NBA games live online are NBA players, who have a fan base that extends to countries all over the world.


    They could become the next Biggest Franchise in Sports.

    NBA star Kevin Durant is an international superstar, and in 2018 he became the first American player to win the NBA Finals MVP award.


    They already have fans on the other side of the world and can get even bigger.

    In the NBA, the popularity of the team and the popularity with fans on both sides of the Atlantic is just getting started.