— The Tennessee Lottery is scheduled to begin issuing its first quarterly winners Tuesday and the state is expected to have at least $1.4 billion in lottery revenues by the end of the year, with some of that money going to states with high unemployment rates and other areas that could benefit from increased ticket sales.

    Tens of thousands of Tennessee Lotteries across the country are expected to close on Tuesday, as winners are required to submit their winning numbers.

    The lottery will hold the first quarterly distribution of tickets on Feb. 6.

    It will be the first time Tennessee Lotters have seen their winning number for the next quarter since 2010.

    Tennessee Lottery spokesman Greg Mather said Tuesday that the lottery will use some of the proceeds from Tuesday’s quarterly winners to assist with an expansion of its Child Development Center in Nashville.

    “The expansion of the Child Development Centre is one of the biggest things that we’ve done in our five years as a lottery operator,” Mather told reporters at the company’s headquarters in Memphis.

    “And it’s a big part of our plan to help people through the economic downturn.”

    We’re going to have a huge infusion of money in the coming months,” he said.

    Mather said the expansion is one way that the Tennessee Lotheries is trying to help communities with low or moderate incomes.

    There will also be an expansion in the number of cash prizes available for prize drawers and the lottery has offered some new cash prizes, he said, noting that the cash prizes are not new.

    In addition to the cash prize draw, Tennessee Lothers will be able to purchase prizes from their website for $15.

    The lottery is one step closer to getting back to its original strategy of issuing more tickets than it had in previous quarters, when the company issued an average of 1,814 tickets per quarter.

    This year, the company is expected, with the first quarter starting in February, to issue a total of 7,200 tickets per week, with a total estimated revenue of $1,836.8 million.

    On Monday, Tennessee lottery officials announced that they have added $3 million to their lottery operating budget, bringing the total budget to about $13.5 million, with most of the rest coming from the state’s general fund.