The lottery posthumously awarded $15.6 million to a man who died in a freak tornado in Pennsylvania has said he’s not done with the $1.8 million.

    Robert C. Brown, 70, died on May 25, 2017, in a tornado that killed two people and destroyed more than 500 homes in Pennsylvania.

    The death of Brown, who had two children, prompted the lottery to award $15,000 in cash prizes for the deceased.

    Brown’s brother said the family would have been devastated had he not won the lottery.

    The family’s attorney, Richard D. D’Arcy, told The Associated Press the family wants the lottery’s board to do everything possible to help the deceased’s family.

    Brown was a former U.S. Army pilot who served in the Pacific theater during World War II and was killed in 1945, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

    He was buried in Pennsylvania’s Rock Township Cemetery.

    The lottery’s posthumous awards, which are announced every year, are the largest ever awarded to a lottery winner.

    In 2016, a $1 million award was awarded to the son of a woman who survived a tornado.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.