MD Lotteries, a state lottery that will run from March 21 to April 18, is the latest in a string of big state lottery draws.

    Here are the winners and the odds to win:1.

    A $5 million drawing on Wednesday, Feb. 28: This draws is likely to be a big one, as there are no new games to be played.

    The state has no more than $3 million in lottery money left to use for the next round.

    The winner will earn about $8 million, according to the Department of Revenue.2.

    $10 million draw on Sunday, Feb 18: This draw is a bit more complicated than the previous two.

    It’s a lot more difficult than the $5M draw on Wednesday.

    But if you can play, there is a better chance that you’ll win.

    You can play the game with cash or cash equivalents.3.

    $15 million draw: This one has a $15,000 minimum cash prize, and if you’re lucky, you might win $50,000, said Ken Epperson, president of the Maryland Lottery.4.

    $20 million draw, Feb 25: This is a little harder to figure out.

    The maximum cash prize in the state is $40,000 and the winner will have to make about $40 million.

    The first $20,000 is guaranteed, so it’s possible that you could make more money.5.

    $25 million draw by Saturday, Feb 27: This could be a little tougher to pull off, but the winner is likely going to make a lot of money.

    The winner gets to choose how much cash the state will spend.6.

    $30 million draw this weekend: This drawing will take place Saturday, with the maximum cash amount to be determined Sunday.

    The payout to the winner depends on the payout that other players get.7.

    $35 million draw Saturday: This prize has not been determined yet, but we’re told that the winner can get $20.7 million, with no minimum prize and no maximum prize.8.

    $40.5 million draw Wednesday, Jan. 31: This can’t be done because there is no state money left for the lottery, but if you win $10,000 in cash and your opponent gets $5,000 or $1,000 each, you should have $20 to play with, Eppson said.9.

    $45 million draw Sunday, Jan 25: The winner could win $100,000.

    Eppinson said he’s not sure how the prize will be split, but you’d be surprised how much of the prize goes to the winning player.10.

    $50 million draw Tuesday, Jan 28: The maximum payout will be determined by the payout to other players, and this one could be one of the most lucrative in the lottery’s history.11.

    $55 million draw Thursday, Jan 29: This might be one for the history books.

    The winning player gets to decide how much the state spends.12.

    $60 million draw Friday, Jan 30: This should be a lot easier than the first two, as the maximum payout is determined by what other players are getting.13.

    $65 million draw Monday, Jan 31: The winners will be awarded $100 million, which could mean some money for some people.14.

    $70 million draw This Sunday, March 6: The payout could be more than what is paid in this drawing.

    The prize can be anything from $100 to $2 million.15.

    $75 million draw All the way to the end of the month: The state will give away $1 million in prize money for the first five million people to finish the game, which would mean that the state would be giving away $7.4 million to the winners of this draw.16.

    $80 million draw at the end, March 13: This will be a game-changing draw.

    The game will be played over the phone from 8 p.m. to 11 p.