Ohio lottery officials said on Monday that their state’s lottery numbers will be updated to include the names of lottery winners in the months after they’ve won the state’s biggest jackpot.

    The updates will come after a five-month transition period during which the lottery will continue to operate, which means that winning numbers won’t appear in all states.

    It also means that Ohio’s lottery operators won’t be able to automatically pick winners when they’ve already won.

    “We’re going to make sure we make sure that we do the best job possible with the numbers that we’re getting,” Ohio Lottery Commissioner Tom Hagerty said in an interview.

    Hagerty added that he and other lottery officials have been meeting with states and lottery operators to work out the details.

    The changes will also apply to the state lottery’s website, which will remain updated for the next three months.

    The Ohio Lotteries was established in 1924 and operates in a state with the fourth-highest percentage of lottery revenues in the country.

    The state has won more than $1 billion in state lottery jackpots since 2005.

    Ohio Lottery officials say the state will keep a record of the winners’ names, but will keep it private for the sake of the lottery’s security.

    Ohio lottery officials say there’s been a long wait for this year’s jackpot, which was announced at the same time as President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

    The first state lottery numbers were released on Dec. 15, 2015, after winning numbers were finalized by the state in late November.

    That’s when the U.S. Treasury Department began releasing the winners names and the dates of their victory.

    Since then, winning numbers have been released in some states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

    The most recent winners were announced on April 25, 2020, after the U-Haul was awarded the $1.5 billion jackpot by the U -Haul Association of the United States.