Florida lottery winners can now enjoy the lottery numbers post for the first time, with the new online lottery service going live on Thursday, November 20, according to the state lottery board.

    The new lottery service will be available on a “rolling basis” through the end of December.

    The new system is part of the latest initiative to bring online the popular online lottery.

    Florida lottery winners who purchased lottery tickets before November 20 will not be able to see their numbers posted online until December 1, 2018, according the lottery board website.

    This means that winners will not have the chance to play with the winners numbers for the next four months.

    The Florida lottery will be the first in the country to allow online ticket sales in December.

    Since its launch in 2016, Florida has the most online lottery winners in the nation, with an estimated 8,946 winners registered.

    In the past, Florida lottery tickets could only be bought at a local office, and could not be exchanged at a national office.

    In 2017, a number of states introduced online lottery purchasing, including Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia and Delaware.

    In addition to Florida, states like Texas, Kentucky and Alabama are also in the process of allowing online lottery ticket sales.

    In order to participate in online lottery buying, users must register for an account with the Florida Lottery.

    They must have a valid Florida identification card, and have an email address and password that match the account owner.

    Lottery members can also opt out of the system at any time by changing their email and password.