The internet is the great equalizer.

    For years, lottery winners have found it easier to get the money they deserve because of the ease with which they can buy and sell tickets.

    But for some people, it’s also a challenge.

    A doctor who specializes in the treatment of internet addiction told Healthline that it’s not uncommon for people to think their addiction is over.

    When it isn’t, the treatment is just as important.

    Dr. Michelle Mays-Singer is an addiction medicine specialist at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Philadelphia.

    She says most people who are addicted to the internet aren’t using it as a way to get money, but rather, as a means to relieve stress and anxiety.

    Dr Mays said some people who get addicted to internet are seeking out it as an escape from the stress of real life.

    They may have been in an abusive relationship or they may have just lost a job.

    Dr Singsinger said many of these people need to get off the internet and go on a detox program, but some just need a little help to get through the day.

    She said if you want to quit, you’ll need to work on your social skills.

    You’ll have to do a lot of things to keep yourself in a normal environment, such as getting into regular social groups, or finding ways to make yourself laugh, Mays says.

    “There’s a lot that needs to be done,” she says.

    In fact, the number of people addicted to online gambling is increasing.

    “People are just starting to use it more and more,” Dr Mains-Singers says.

    You can find out more about online gambling addiction here.

    It can be hard to see how you can quit gambling.

    You’re not going to quit online, Dr Mears says.

    But the internet can be an extremely good way to stay addicted to it, she says, adding that it can be very addictive.

    “We know from studies and studies that we’ve done that people who have been on the internet for years are more likely to relapse than people who haven’t,” she said.

    There are many factors that can cause people to use the internet.

    Some people have a problem with using drugs or alcohol, for example.

    People with mental health problems may also struggle with controlling the amount of time they spend on the computer.

    It’s also important to remember that people tend to do what they want to do and they’re not necessarily looking for something to feel good about.

    They’re just doing what they’re comfortable doing.

    When you think about how much more time you’re spending on the web, it can seem like you’re doing more than you should, Dr Singer says.

    Drs Mays and Singsingers said it’s important to look at the different types of addiction, and make sure you understand the reasons why you’re using the internet in the first place.

    “What we know is that if you are addicted you’re also using the Internet more and you’re going to end up using more of the Internet than you would otherwise,” Dr Santsinger says, noting that it also affects how you think and feel.

    “It’s hard to know how to quit the internet, but it’s certainly easier than going to a doctor or a counselor,” she adds.

    It also helps if you know how it affects you, Drs Singsingsinger and Mays say.

    “The internet is a way for us to connect with people, but sometimes it’s a distraction,” Drs.

    Mays, Drains-Benson and Dr Muns says.

    There’s also the possibility that you might have a bad relationship with the internet because you’re not sure how to control your use of the internet when you’re trying to get away from it, or you don’t want to give it away.

    If you think you may have a problematic relationship with your online gambling, it may be worth consulting with a mental health professional to help you figure out if it’s really your problem or something that can be addressed.

    “When you have a relationship with something that you can’t control, you may not be able to get out of it and say, ‘No, I’m not doing that anymore,’ ” Dr Malsen says.