The state’s lottery results this week were one of the strangest, with a staggering 1,818 winning numbers from 734,082 tickets sold.

    Illinois Lottery officials say they had to change the rules on Wednesday after some tickets sold out on their website within an hour of their announcement, forcing them to re-adjust the results.

    The news of the strange numbers comes on the same day that another lottery operator announced that it will not hold another lottery for another year after it was hit by a data breach.

    State lottery officials say there were more than a thousand tickets in the system and the number of winners is expected to exceed the number who were previously announced.

    There were some unusual results on Tuesday as well, with 2,095 winning numbers, compared to a 1,500 winner for the previous week.

    Illinois lottery officials have not released a final count of winners, but they said in a statement on Wednesday that they will do so in a couple of days.

    It’s unclear when the new numbers will be posted.

    Illis lottery officials are still working to update the system, and they are still looking for the source of the leak.

    Earlier this month, a hacker broke into a website belonging to the Illinois Lottery and published a database of winners’ names and addresses.