Illinois lottery numbers are a little-known and often-misunderstood part of the state’s lottery system.

    Illinois lottery officials have acknowledged the numbers can show up as the number of tickets sold in a particular state, but the number they show is actually an approximate total.

    Illinis lottery officials are currently asking the public for help identifying the numbers used to show up on the cards, as well as identifying the correct lottery numbers to use in a contest.

    The Chicago Tribune has learned Illinois lottery officials received a tip from the Illinois Lottery Association (ILA) on Sunday about the possibility of numbers showing up on some lottery cards.

    In a statement, ILA spokesperson Mark O’Neill said the association was aware of a report of a possible issue with the Illinois lottery’s online lottery.

    The agency is investigating.

    “The issue has been flagged by the ILA and has been resolved.

    The number of numbers found on some Illinois lottery cards may be in error,” O’Neil said in a statement.

    “We have not received any reports of the issue impacting other states.

    The Tribune reported earlier this month that the ILAC reported that a potential error on the numbers was found by the lottery, leading to confusion over how they were displayed.

    The newspaper reported that the error appears to be a “possible issue” in some of the cards in the state.

    Illissippi’s state lottery posted an updated lottery number online Sunday, saying it was the state lottery’s decision to remove the number from the cards.

    The state’s new lottery system, which launched this year, is expected to be completed by April.

    The deadline for those seeking to buy tickets is June 30.