The top three states for winning the 2017 North Dakota lottery are: Texas (5.9 percent), North Dakota (4.7 percent), and Ohio (4 percent).

    There’s no reason to think North Dakota won’t win this year, with all the other states on the list doing well.

    This is a really interesting race, with two of the three states with the most lottery winners and the third state with the least, Texas.

    This gives North Dakota a big edge.

    North Dakota has the most people playing the lottery and the most state lottery winnings per capita, but it also has the least number of lottery winners per capita.

    That’s the opposite of the United States, where the number of winning lottery players is about 3.8 million per year.

    In North Dakota, the lottery is only played in the winter months and in February, the number is about 1.5 million.

    In other words, the amount of people playing in the state is lower than in the United Kingdom.

    In the United Kingdons lottery, people are only playing on the weekends.

    In a lot of ways, North Dakota has more people playing than the United State, which has about 13 million lottery players.

    The biggest difference is that people play in North Dakota in March and April, which is when the lotteries are most popular.

    North Dakota’s population is almost 2 million people, which makes it the smallest state in the US with a lotterie population.

    The next biggest state is Ohio, with about 1 million lottery winners.

    The United Kingdom has about a million lottery winers per capita and more than 1 million players, according to the British lottery board.

    The United States is much smaller with about 3 million people playing.

    The smallest state is Wyoming, which comes in at about 1,500 lottery players per capita per year, according the U.S. Census Bureau.

    There are a lot more people than there are lottery tickets playing in North Dakotas lottery.

    According to the lottery company, North Dakots lottery revenue is about $9.8 billion a year, and the state has about 5 million lottery tickets.

    The state has a population of more than 9 million, and lottery tickets are worth about $1.5 billion a month.

    This makes the state the fifth largest lottery state in North America.

    The next most popular lottery state is Kentucky, with almost 10 million lottery ticket sales per capita a year.

    That state has more than 20 million people.

    But the biggest difference between North Dakota and Kentucky is the number playing in Kentucky, which averages 1.4 million per month.

    The other states with a lottery population of about 1 to 2 million are Florida, Texas, and New Jersey.

    In total, the states with one million or more lottery tickets sold per capita are Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

    There is a lot going on in North Carolina.

    The lottery company estimates there are nearly 1 million people in North Caroondale, and that number is expected to increase as more people play the lottery.

    The city has a casino, which will be the biggest draw.

    The casino will make the area a draw for lottery players, said the lottery executive.

    The people of North Caronady are not going to leave North Carolina for any other reason than the fact that they like gambling.

    This was a place that had to be done for this to happen, and now they’re going to have the casino.

    The last thing North Caromons casino needs is more people to play the lottery.

    North Carolina also has a large number of people living in the city, but there is little opportunity for them to win a lot.

    The lottery company says North Carolina has about 10 million people who play the game, and it expects that number to increase in the future as more and more people join the city.

    The number of tickets sold is expected more than 100,000 a month, with the total amount of cash prizes going for a little less than $200,000.

    North Carowons population is about 5.2 million, which accounts for about 1 in 10 of the state’s population.

    The most important part of North Carolina’s lottery is the state lottery, which was started by the state of North Dakota to help people make ends meet.

    The money the state gets from the lottery goes to help pay for roads, public schools, and other public services.

    It’s an important part, because North Dakotes population is low.

    There are only about 7,500 people living at North Caromanes home, which means it is not easy for people to live there.

    There’s an income gap between North Dakos average household income and the national average.

    The gap is about 17 percent.

    North Dakots average income is about a third that of the average household in the country.

    But that’s not the point of the lottery, said lottery executive Chris O’Brien.

    The point is that North Dakotic families and people