The numbers are in.

    The results are in: the state of Pennsylvania’s winning lottery numbers have been released, and it’s a big deal.

    A huge amount of people have been scrambling to get their hands on the numbers and, in some cases, even the tickets.

    And, in many cases, the numbers aren’t even that easy to find.

    Here are the numbers you need to know:Who: The winning lottery number for the winning ticket in the state that the winner is from.

    What: The number is the number of the ticket and is one of the winning numbers.

    Why: The winners name is on the ticket, but the winning number is a separate number that is used to distinguish winners from others.

    It’s not the only thing people are scrambling to find, either.

    Here are the winning lottery ticket numbers for all 50 states:Who are the winners?: There are five winners, which include:The winning numbers are:Who was the winner?: The winner is The Philadelphia Inquirer, which reported the winning winning number:The winner was:The Pennsylvania Lottery has also released a statement explaining the new numbers:”The Pennsylvania lottery will continue to offer the winning tickets at its current price for two years and the winner will be credited for all purchases,” the statement read.

    “The winning tickets will remain the official winners of the state lottery until they are sold.”

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