The Virginia lottery is drawing record numbers of tickets, with the state lottery office reporting that it sold 2.25 million lottery tickets on Saturday.

    That’s a 15% increase over last year, and up from the 2.0 million tickets sold last year.

    This year, Virginia’s lottery sales exceeded $5 billion, which is more than double the $4.2 billion total that the state spent on its lottery programs last year (according to data compiled by the state’s Office of the Secretary of State).

    Virginia has been the biggest winner of the lottery since it was established in 1934.

    Its ticket sales have been on the rise, too, with ticket sales increasing 10% last year from 2015, and nearly doubling the 8% increase in tickets sold in 2016.

    Virginia’s ticket sales are expected to be even higher this year, with more tickets expected to go on sale.

    Virginia’s lottery has long been a favorite among college students, who love the chance to win a big jackpot and spend their money at restaurants, stores, and gas stations.

    This fall, the Virginia Lottery will begin allowing college students to buy their own tickets.

    The Virginia Lotteries annual operating budget is $5.3 billion.

    The state lottery operates about 1,000 gaming facilities, and it has about 400 operating officers.

    Its employees range from lottery officers to sales managers to security guards.

    In 2018, the lottery paid $1.9 million in bonuses to 1,800 employees.