The NBA is set to start drawing its 2018 draft picks in the coming days, and it’s going to be a tough race for the No. 1 overall pick.

    The league has until May 29 to make its picks.

    Here’s how the lottery works:The league is allotted two rounds.

    Rounds 1 and 2 will be open to the public.

    The first round will consist of one lottery ticket per lottery ticket purchaser.

    The second round will be similar to the first round.

    The winning lottery ticket is awarded to the player(s) selected in round 1.

    In the first-round draft, teams will pick from their own pool of eligible players and will be allowed to pick a maximum of four players from the top 10 of the draft.

    The remaining lottery picks will be picked from the remaining pool.

    The NBA picks will not be public.

    The first pick in each round is the highest drafted player on the roster.

    That pick will be assigned to the team with the highest draft position.

    The pick is then used to select the first player of the second round.

    For example, if the NBA picks the 76ers with the No, 11 pick, that pick will go to the 76er with the first pick.

    Once a team has chosen their second round pick, they’ll have three days to decide whether to keep the pick, trade it or not.

    If they keep the second pick, the team can trade it to the No 1 pick of the NBA draft, which is used for the second-round pick.

    The No. 2 pick is not used for a trade.

    If the team doesn’t want to trade it, it can just keep the No 2 pick and have the pick be used in the next round.

    If a team doesn\’t want to keep it, they can simply trade it and have it be used for any subsequent pick.

    In all, there will be four picks in each of the first two rounds of the 2018 NBA draft.

    In the third round, there are four remaining.

    This is why you won’t see all the names on the lottery sheet.

    The league does not know the final pick until it\’s drawn.

    The top five players in each draft will be selected in the first three rounds, with the top five picks selected in each subsequent round.

    In addition to the lottery, there\’s a new NBA Awards Show, the All-Star Game, the CBA Awards and the NBA Basketball Awards, where teams can showcase their players.

    The All-Stars are expected to be announced at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday night.

    The full list of All-NBA players and teams is not yet available, but here\’s what you need to know about the All Stars: