2.2 million people in Florida were eligible for the state lottery this year, a figure that has risen to 2.1 million people, a lottery official said.

    In the past year, there have been fewer than 1.6 million people eligible, according to the Florida Lottery.

    The Florida Lotteries website lists the winners as: The Ohio Lottery: 4,000 winners, including four of the country’s top five earners, including Ohio Gov.

    John Kasich.

    The Tennessee Lottery, which is the state’s largest and one of the state, had 3,500 winners in its first three days of play, according a lottery spokesperson.

    The Nevada Lottery said it had 2,500 people in its lottery Wednesday.

    The Georgia Lottery had 1,900 winners and the Kansas Lottery 1,600.

    Ohio has had some of the biggest winners, with more than 2,000 people winning $1 million, more than double the state average.

    The highest-profile winners, Ohio Gov.-elect Jon Husted and his wife, Kim, who have two daughters, won $100 million in the state Lottery last year.

    Kentucky had the largest state lottery winners, having 3,400 winners, about 1,000 of whom were women, according the Kentucky Lottery spokesperson.

    Michigan had 1.3 million people get into the lottery, with about 1 million people getting in through the state Department of Transportation, said Debbie Miller, spokeswoman for the Michigan Lottery and Associated Industries.

    More than a dozen other states have lottery offices, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and Colorado.

    Indiana had 1 million winners.

    The winner in Texas, Tasha Lee, won a $1.1 billion jackpot, more money than the average American earned in a year in 2017, according The Associated Press.

    Arkansas had 1% of its total population eligible to win.

    West Virginia had 1 percent of its population eligible, which was a small amount compared to other states.

    Pennsylvania had 1%, which was about the same as the state as a whole.