A man who won the $2.6 million Pennsylvania Lottery on Monday night is arrested after he was caught on video taking a picture of a ticket he was not supposed to be selling, according to Pennsylvania lottery officials.

    William Bower, 44, was arrested on Friday after police found a ticket in his possession in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania.

    According to the Erie Police Department, Bower sold the ticket to a man who was using it to purchase a lottery ticket in Philadelphia on Monday.

    The ticket was later returned to Bower after the man had to pay $300 for it, according the Erie police department.

    According a release from the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, Bowers name was on a list of lottery winners posted online by the lottery office.

    According to the release, Borss name had been entered in a contest to win the $1 million lottery ticket that was sold in Philadelphia.

    Bowers, who is from New Jersey, was the fourth person to win a $1.9 million Pennsylvania lottery prize.

    The Pennsylvania Lotteries is also known as the state lottery.

    Bower’s attorney told The Associated Press that Bowers has been a frequent gambler, and had no history of gambling.

    He said his client is a good father and husband and was excited to have the chance to win in Pennsylvania.