The Iowa Lotteries Department of Revenue has announced it has completed the purchase of all of the lottery tickets in the state.

    Lotteria’s lottery commission will now purchase tickets in bulk to sell on the secondary market.

    Iowa Lotters, along with several other states, have purchased large amounts of lottery tickets since the start of the season.

    Lottery commissioner John Fennell said in a statement that lottery ticket purchases have been made at the Iowa Lotting Commission, the Department of Agriculture, the Iowa Department of Corrections and the Iowa Health and Human Services Department.

    Iowa has purchased more than 6.5 million lottery tickets.

    Iowa had the second largest lottery ticket sales in the country last year with $6.3 billion in sales, according to the Associated Press.

    The Iowa lottery was created in 1855, and it is the largest state lottery in the U.S. It is a national and international lottery, with state and county lottery tickets, online ticket purchases, and other purchases.