A few hours before the lottery results were announced on Friday, I had my eyes glued to my phone, hoping that a tweet from my friend Joe who lives in Dallas would give me a heads up about what was going to happen.

    As I drove up to his house, I could see the results of the lottery.

    There were a couple of lucky numbers, but the lottery gave me two.

    I took the first number and texted my friend.

    “Congratulations,” he texted back.

    We’ve never seen a lottery win like this before.

    Joe was not one of the lucky numbers that had been selected.

    He was one of hundreds of thousands of people who were in line for the lottery on Friday.

    The number he selected was the lottery winner.

    It was a shock to hear the news.

    On Sunday, Joe and I shared our feelings of joy and relief.

    We were able to get the word out about the results.

    But we knew that the lottery wasn’t the only thing that had happened in the first few hours.

    A lot of people were having problems with the phone lines.

    When I called the lottery company on Friday morning, I was told the phone company was busy and that it would be a few days before they could start answering my questions.

    At that time, the lottery was supposed to be open for four hours.

    In the first five hours, I tried to talk to people who had trouble with the lines.

    Some people would give up, others would hang up, and some would simply say, “Sorry, I have a job, so I can’t get through.”

    But most people seemed to be able to use the phone.

    The lines were getting busy again and the line was starting to drag on.

    I also talked to a man who was in line on Saturday morning.

    He told me that the line would be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and he was told he could use the line at 10:30 a.t.

    It would be one of those days that would not end well for the people who didn’t get their numbers selected.

    Then, a couple hours before lottery results came out, the lines were still coming in, and the lines kept getting longer.

    The company said it would only have five lines open, and it was taking longer and longer to get people through the lines with each person on line.

    I told the company that I was still hopeful that we could get through to some of the other people on the line.

    A few hours later, I called again and again, trying to talk with people who still had their numbers, to try and get them to let me use their phone lines again.

    I was finally able to talk some people into letting me use a line.

    The company called back a few hours after that, and told me the lines weren’t working.

    This time, I didn’t tell them to hang up or say sorry.

    I didn, in fact, try to talk them into letting their phones go.

    But there was a problem.

    The lines were moving very slowly.

    There was no way to tell how many people were actually on line and how many were just using their phones to get through.

    The line was slow and it didn’t feel like the line had gotten any better.

    So, I got back in line and waited a few more hours.

    It was a busy line.

    There were people sitting in the middle of the line and a lot of them were waiting on the other side.

    Suddenly, the line moved again.

    It had gotten very busy.

    By 6:30 p.t., I had an email from the company with my phone number and a phone number for my friend who lives on the West Coast.

    That evening, the company called me to say that they had just opened a new line.

    They told me there were still a couple people on line who could use it and they would let me in.

    And, they were right.

    I used my new phone number to call my friend, and she used hers.

    Some people got lucky.

    They got selected to win their first ticket.

    Others, like me, didn’t.

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