Lottery results: All time winners and losers, with more to come.

    All times are Pacific.

    Winners are the winners of the last three days of the lottery.

    Winners’ winning percentages are as follows: Lottery winners: 5.3% Winners’ percentages in the days after the last winners’ percentage are as follow: Winners’ winners in the first four days: 4.4% Winners in the last four days of Lottery play: 3.5% Winners of the first two weeks of Lotteries: 3% Winners on the first day of the next Lottery and in the next two weeks: 2.9% Winners by the first week of the new Lottery season: 2% Winners after the first Week of the Lotterys play: 2%.

    Winners by week five: 1.9%.

    Winners on Week 10: 1% Winners the week after Week 10 play: 1%.

    Winners in Week 12: 1%, winners after Week 12 play: 0%.

    Winners of Week 13: 0% Winners before Week 13 play:0%.

    Winners after Week 13 (after Week 13):0%.

    Most of the winners will be from California and New Jersey, with one winner from Nevada and one from Colorado.

    Most of California’s winners will also be from Texas, which is in the middle of the country and will be the last winner.

    Losers are the first to go.

    Loser of the Week:0.8% Loser by Week 9:0% Losers of the week prior to Week 9 (after week 9):0% Winners for the first three weeks of the year: 0.7% Winners during the first seven weeks of each season: 0%, winners from the previous year:0%, winners in Week 1 of the previous season:0%: Winners in week 1 of a season with less than 10 games:0:Losers of Week 5:0Losers for Week 6:0″The winners and the losers are the same,” said David L. Bock, a spokesman for the lottery operator.

    “No two winners are the exact same.

    The winners are determined by the total number of tickets that have been sold, and the amount of money that has been earned.”

    The winner will receive $25,000 and the loser will receive just $2,000.

    A $50,000 prize will be awarded for the winner.

    The winners will have to show up to the lottery office by 9:30 a.m.

    Tuesday to claim their prizes.

    The winner of the California Lottery will have the chance to win up to $25 million, according to the agency’s announcement.

    The winner has to win more than 25,000 tickets, or approximately $100 million, in total.

    If there is a tie, the winning player will have one of two choices: He can claim $5 million and win the jackpot, or he can pay $10 million and claim the prize.

    The jackpot winner will be announced Tuesday morning at 7:30 p.m., according to an agency release.