In the most lopsided win for Wisconsin since 1998, it has been the state’s most lop-sided lottery win since 1998.

    Wisconsin has 1,052 wins, with only two states — Wyoming and New Mexico — with more than 1,000.

    The win total is the most in the nation since 1998 when 1,095 won in New York.

    The state has also had more than one winning lottery since 1998 with two winning in 2013 and 2014.

    The winning streak began in 2018 when a winning lottery ticket was sold in a shopping mall in Milwaukee and was purchased in Delaware, which also had a winning ticket in 2018.

    The most wins in a state by a state since 1998 was in 2000 when 1 in 3 won.

    That number was then topped in the first year of the winning streak when 1 out of 2 people won.

    In 2019, 2 out of 3 won, the state record.