A lottery is scheduled to open in Israel on Wednesday, with the winners receiving a lottery number, a number of tickets and a ticket to a lottery event.

    The Israeli Lottery Authority has not officially announced the winners, but its website lists a winner of a lottery between ages 18 and 25.

    The lottery is one of several such programs planned for the country that have been in the works for years.

    Last year, the Israeli lottery announced plans to run a lottery for every Israeli who had been on unemployment benefits since the end of the financial crisis in 2015.

    Israel’s Labor Party has long argued that unemployment is a burden on society and that the current system is too weak to help unemployed Israelis find jobs.

    The Labor Party also said it wanted to offer unemployment benefits in the form of lottery tickets.

    Israel’s Labor party also said in 2016 that it would seek to create a lottery system that would be able to cover the costs of unemployment benefits for unemployed Israelis.

    The state-run Lottery Israel will announce the winners on Wednesday evening.