WISCONSIN — The Wisconsin lottery winner who won the biggest jackpot in state history in May said Thursday he is no longer going to use the lottery for anything other than entertainment.

    In a statement, Thomas A. Koehn said he wants to be a “normal guy” in life and he will not participate in any kind of business, entertainment or politics.

    Koehn, who has won more than $8.8 million in lottery jackpots in his lifetime, is expected to receive a payout of more than two million dollars after he and his wife of more 35 years will split their $1.7 million winning ticket, which was sold to the state of Wisconsin through the lottery’s lottery operator, the Wisconsin Lottery, on Monday.

    The Koehns have been involved in a legal battle with the lottery over whether they were entitled to receive the winning ticket from the lottery operator.

    Kloehn said the lottery has not offered him any of the money it received.

    “We are in the process of filing a lawsuit in federal court and that will allow us to get it paid,” Koehm said in the statement.

    “The Koeshns and I are working through the legal process together.

    We are not a legal partnership.

    We will continue to operate the lottery and play the lottery without any additional payment.”

    The Wisconsin Lotteries is still negotiating with the Koeshs, who filed a lawsuit last year challenging the state lottery’s authority to sell lottery tickets.

    The lottery’s operator said in a statement on Wednesday that it is continuing to negotiate with the family of Thomas Koehler and expects to receive its payout within the next few weeks.

    Kroehn has previously said he did not participate because he is not a regular participant and he has no intention of being involved in politics, and the couple has said that they intend to live “without the media attention and public humiliation.”