The Oddsmaker’s National Lotteries are a little different than the ones you’re used to.

    This year, the odds of the Arizona Lotterys winning the 2018 National Football League’s (NFL) Super Bowl will be just one out of 2,818.

    That’s a 0.4% chance of the league winning, according to the website.

    While this is an impressive number, it doesn’t tell the whole story of the state lottery.

    The odds of winning the state lotteries in 2018 is just 1.9% of the 1,948,872 total number of tickets sold in 2018.

    For comparison, the state of California has a higher winning percentage than Arizona, with just under 1 in 7,000 tickets sold.

    The article shows that the odds for winning the Lottery in Arizona are about a half-million times lower than the odds that the Los Angeles Lakers would win the NBA Finals.

    In addition, the Oddsmoker’s national lottery odds are about 20% higher than the national odds for the NBA.

    Arizona’s state lottery is the second largest lottery in the nation behind Minnesota, and it will be up for grabs in the 2018 Super Bowl.

    For a detailed look at how the lottery works, check out this explainer article on the US Lottery.

    Oddsmaster: Lottery Odds for the 2018 State Lottery are now available to purchase here.