OHIO: Lottery winners are a fraction, and if you want to win the $10 million lottery jackpot in your state, it may be easier to get on the Internet than you think.

    A new study published Monday in the journal PLOS One found that the overwhelming majority of Ohio lottery winners are people who are not in the lottery’s geographic reach.

    That means there are far fewer winners, and fewer of them, than you might expect.

    Ohio has the second-highest concentration of lottery winners in the country.

    That number is more than twice that of the other states that are on the verge of making the change to allow people to enter the lottery via the Internet.

    It’s also nearly three times higher than the national average, according to the National Association of State Lottery Directors.

    The state also has the highest lottery jackpots per capita.

    And while the lottery was originally created to benefit the poor, there are some winners in Ohio that are not even eligible to play the jackpot.

    The study looked at lottery winners who were either married or unmarried at the time of the jackpots and their children, and then looked at the number of lottery tickets available for each lottery winner.

    The number of people eligible to buy lottery tickets through the lottery is not set in stone, but the study found that Ohio has the most lottery winners of any state in the nation.

    The study also found that people who had children when the lottery began were disproportionately represented.

    The lottery has been available in Ohio since 1977, but it’s been available for only three years since then, according.

    The average number of winners is roughly 1,000, but many lottery winners had multiple lottery winners.

    The Ohio Lottery has not responded to requests for comment from The Associated Press.