Check out our new infographic to learn more about the upcoming Powerball lottery.1.

    The Powerball will be drawing $1.5 billion in tickets on April 28.2.

    The jackpot is set to increase from $1 billion to $2 billion.3.

    The payout will be split evenly between the winning player and the jackpot-winning team.4.

    The winning team will receive $150 million and the losing team will get $50 million.5.

    The winner will receive a total of $1,000,000.6.

    The lottery winner will get an extra $250,000 if they are married.7.

    The ticket jackpot will be the largest in US history.8.

    The largest winner will win an additional $150,000 per ticket.9.

    The top five finishers will each receive an additional bonus of $50,000 when the Powerball jackpot exceeds $1 million.10.

    Each winner will have an additional chance to win up to $250 million in prize money.11.

    Winners who win the jackpots will receive up to two additional tickets for each ticket sold.12.

    Winners will receive tickets to a Super Bowl, Superbowl LI, or Super Bowl XXI party.13.

    Winners can claim the jack, jackpot, or prize in any way they want.14.

    Winning ticket holders will receive cash back and a free ticket to a game in the next year.15.

    Winners receive a $100 gift card for each eligible ticket purchased.16.

    The winners will be required to file a tax return within one year of the drawing.17.

    Winning lottery tickets will be distributed to winners through a lottery website.18.

    Winners must pay taxes on their winnings, and the winner will pay taxes in the same amount that the winning ticket owner received.19.

    A lottery site will provide winners with a ticket to an upcoming Super Bowl and Superbowl XXXI party, plus a $50 gift card.20.

    Winners are required to pay income taxes on all winnings.21.

    Winners should expect to pay tax on their prize amount, which can be substantial.22.

    In the event of a dispute, winners may seek relief in court from the state of Texas, which may have a significant effect on the outcome of the lottery.23.

    The state of Indiana, which has a similar lottery, has a system in place to avoid disputes and delays.24.

    In addition to the PowerBall jackpot payout, the winner of the Texas lottery will be awarded an additional prize of $100,000 for each winning ticket.25.

    The following are some of the PowerPolls for the upcoming drawing.26.

    The Texas Lotteries Powerball Powerball is one of the most popular Powerball prizes, with more than 10 million Powerball tickets sold.27.

    This Powerball ticket is the winner’s favorite and is guaranteed to be the winner.28.

    The Dallas Mavericks won this Powerball for the second time this year and now has two of the top three spots on the Power Ball powerball chart.29.

    The Washington Wizards have the third-most Powerball winners with the highest winning total at $2.6 billion.30.

    This winning ticket is also the favorite among Powerball participants, with two out of the three Powerballers receiving it.31.

    This ticket is among the top four Powerball picks and the third highest winning Powerball total at over $1 Billion.32.

    This lottery ticket is a favorite among both Powerball players and Powerball fans.33.

    This winner has the second-highest winning PowerBall total at just under $500 million.34.

    This jackpot ticket is for a winning Power Ball player and has a chance of winning more than $1 Million.35.

    This top-three Powerball pick is the number one pick in the history of the game.36.

    This is a ticket that is likely to land in the hands of a winning Texas Powerball player.37.

    This award is for an award that has already been won by a winning player.38.

    This high Powerball winning ticket will help build a winning dynasty.39.

    This one has been sold out for months and is likely going to be a hit.40.

    This lucky Powerball winner has a lot of other Powerball goodies on the way, including a free PowerBall ticket, a free lottery ticket and a trip to the Super Bowl.41.

    This big winning ticket could land in your home or office, or your favorite college football team could choose you as one of its most valuable recruits.42.

    This tickets may also be a great gift for a fan who’s on a quest for a Powerball number.43.

    This large winning ticket has a good chance of making the cut for one of our popular PowerPicks.44.

    This prize may not be available to everyone.45.

    This game has never been played before and there is a high likelihood that the PowerPak tickets will not