The Georgia Powerballs are the biggest lottery prize in the U.S. And the prize is worth more than $1 million.

    But the Georgia lottery isn’t giving out prizes yet.

    Here’s how to get your hands on one.

    The lottery is opening in Georgia on Tuesday.

    And, according to the Georgia Lottery, the winning ticket will be distributed to winners by Thursday, June 11.

    The lottery winner will get the prize in installments over the next few months.

    The first installment will be worth $200.

    The next installment will net $300.

    The last installment will pay $400.

    The Georgia Lotteries will give out the winning lottery ticket to people who enter the jackpot between Wednesday, June 12 and Thursday, July 2.

    There’s a $1,000 bonus for winning the jackpots, as well as an additional $1.25 for each $100 won.

    The winning ticket can be bought online, at a Georgia gas station, and by mail, according the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

    There’s also a $50 rebate for first-time winners.

    The jackpot is currently valued at $1 billion.

    That means it will be nearly impossible for the winner to get their hands on a winning ticket anytime soon.

    But, there are some ways to get a hold of one.

    There are two ways to enter the lottery.

    One is to win a prize and then submit a ticket online.

    The second way is to be a winning lottery winner.

    There is a $5,000 maximum prize that can be won.

    The $50 tax rebate can be used to purchase the winning tickets online.

    To enter the Georgia State Lottery in person, call (404) 556-2468 or go online at

    The site is also set to open Tuesday at 9 a.m.

    The prize is available for a limited time.

    To enter, a winner must be 18 or older.

    Winners must be living in Georgia or have a valid Georgia driver’s license or state ID card.

    To win, you’ll need a Georgia driver license or a valid state ID Card.

    You’ll need to provide your Social Security number and a current photo ID with your name, address, and date of birth.

    Winners need to enter at least once in the lottery, but the limit is a maximum of three times.

    If you win the lottery and you live in Georgia, you can claim a rebate.

    To do so, visit the Georgia Taxpayers Foundation’s website and click “Claim a Rebate.”