A US-based app that allows lottery winners to receive cash in their phones is making waves on the US online gambling market.

    It was launched in New Jersey last week.

    The lottery app can receive up to $100,000 in cash per day, and it can only accept Visa and Mastercard.

    Its creators claim the app will be able to provide a “new way of gambling in the United States”.

    “There is no reason why a person should have to use a credit card,” said Dan Zimbalist, a spokesman for the company.

    “There’s no reason you should be holding a cash register in your hand or on a table.”

    Mr Zimblist said the app was developed with a focus on the “entire gamblers community”.

    “We’re not there to compete with traditional casinos,” he said.

    “We want to provide consumers with the best options to gamble online and have them play online with us.”‘

    It’s a fantastic thing for the industry’ Mr Zimballist said a lottery app would help gamblers find a new way of making a deposit.

    “It’s an incredible thing for our industry, because it’s a huge step forward for the gaming industry,” he added.

    “People who are already involved in the industry can start making more money, which means more people are getting more money out of the industry.”

    The app has attracted a lot of attention in New Brunswick, where the state’s Lottery Corp is also a registered gambling partner.

    A spokeswoman for the lottery said it had not yet received the application for approval.

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