Arizona is the first state in the country to allow its lottery app to be used to bet on the winner of the Republican presidential primary.

    The state lottery has been criticized for its poor accuracy in predicting the outcome of races, including last week’s state primary, which saw Donald Trump sweep the state’s five electoral votes and take the GOP nomination over Sen. John McCain.

    The app has long been plagued by technical issues, but now the Arizona Department of Gaming has taken steps to fix them.

    The department is taking steps to make it easier for customers to use the app, which has a long history of reliability and accuracy.

    It has also launched a “virtual lottery” feature in the app to encourage people to bet online.

    The new features come as a new lottery in the state has opened, offering $1 million cash prizes and up to $25,000 in prizes for a winner.

    The state lottery had previously said it was looking at offering only $25.50 in prizes and would offer the cash prize for the top two-thirds of all potential ticket holders in the next three weeks.

    The winner will also be eligible to win $100,000, the state lottery said.

    The lottery also is taking a $5 million loan to upgrade its computer systems and install a new security system.

    The loan was announced by Gov.

    Doug Ducey in a press release.

    In recent weeks, Arizona has been plagued with a string of technical glitches that led to the state losing more than 200 of its 400 lottery tickets over the weekend.

    In the most recent case, a person trying to bet $1,000 on the Republican nominee on the Arizona Lottery site in early May had to wait for more than six hours before a winning ticket was awarded.

    The winning ticket had to be scanned twice because the lottery had a system error, and a ticket that wasn’t scanned was rejected, the lottery said in a statement.