Utah is getting a lot of attention from tech companies in recent weeks, but they may be doing more than simply updating its official app.

    According to reports from Reuters and The Associated Press, Utah’s lottery app will get a new update this week, allowing users to play games like craps and wagering on horse races.

    Utah’s app also announced last month that it had received approval to start accepting applications from lottery applicants.

    The lottery has been a lucrative business for the state, as it’s the only one that doesn’t have to comply with the federal government’s online gambling regulations.

    The state’s lottery website currently only allows users to buy lottery tickets on their smartphones, which can be difficult for some to use.

    The Utah Lottery says that the new update will let users gamble in the comfort of their own homes.

    The updated Utah Lotteries app will also be available on Apple and Android devices, though there are still a few caveats.

    In order to use the app, users will need to provide their social security number and email address to verify their identity.

    Users can only buy one lottery ticket per transaction.

    However, they can also buy tickets to any number of other lottery games, including craps, which have a minimum payout of $5.

    The new lottery app also requires users to pay $5 to win.

    Utah has been in the news a lot recently, as the state was rocked by the Las Vegas massacre and the discovery of a large amount of fentanyl in the state’s water supply.

    The federal government banned the sale of the drug in October, but Utah has still continued to trade in fentanyl and other synthetic drugs.

    The AP also reported that Utah’s state lottery app has been “tweaked” to increase user numbers.

    “We’ve made a few tweaks to make it more user-friendly, including adding a ‘get more info’ button to the app,” the lottery posted on its Facebook page.

    The Oregon Lottery has also been updating its app in recent months.

    In September, the lottery updated its app with a number of features, including a new mobile app, a new app, and a new logo.

    The changes to the Oregon lottery app are reportedly aimed at improving its user experience.

    The app’s mobile app will be updated to include a “social media” feature, which allows users who have been signed in to the lottery to share their favorite lottery games.

    The updates are a sign that the lottery is looking to improve its user interface.

    Oregon’s lottery will also update its website, which is currently not fully functional.

    It has been plagued by a number in recent years, including the closure of the Oregon Lotterys website in September.

    A number of high profile lottery winners have also gone missing in recent times, including two winners from California who went missing on July 29, 2017.