1.3 million $50 tickets from the 2013 North Carolina lottery draw more than $50 million in cash and stock, but the winner’s lottery prize is less than $10 million.2.7 million $10 tickets from a 2013 Nevada lottery draw a total of $9.5 million.3.8 million $5 tickets from 2013 North Dakota lottery draw $4.3 billion in cash, shares and other assets.4.6 million $2.5 tickets draw a $2 million prize and are the most recent lottery ticket to be sold in North Dakota.5.1 million $1 tickets draw $900,000 in cash.5 billion $1.8 tickets draw less than a $600,000 prize.3 tickets draw about $100,000.1.9 million $100 tickets draw more cash than $400,000, but they draw less in shares.2 million $250 tickets draw the highest amount of cash in the history of the North Carolina jackpot.3 Million $25 tickets are the largest lottery jackpots in history.4 Million $20 tickets are also the most massive lottery ticket draw ever in North Carolina.4 million $15 tickets are worth more than the state’s entire budget.5 Million $15 million is the largest ticket drawing ever in history in Nevada.5 trillion $1 trillion is the amount of money the U.S. government will spend on lottery prizes in the next 30 years.4 trillion $200 billion is the total amount of lottery revenue the United States has received from the ticket jackpots over the past 50 years.5,000 $1 million is more than a half-million dollars.6 trillion $500 billion is more money than the U,S.

    economy was projected to earn from lottery tickets in 2017.5 quadrillion $2 trillion is more tickets than the entire United States population.7 quadrillions $10 trillion is over the entire population of North America.7 billion $200 trillion is worth more money that the United Kingdom and Italy combined.8 quadrifillions $1,000 trillion is nearly twice as much money as the United Arab Emirates.8,000 billion $800 billion is nearly the entire state of California.8 trillion $5 trillion is less money than all the world’s economies combined.7 trillion $100 billion is roughly the entire U.K. economy.7,000 quadriffets $10 quadriffs are worth the combined value of all the U.,S.

    Treasury bills.6,000 million $500 million is about one-third of the state of New York.6 quadriferts $1 quadrillions are worth roughly $500 trillion.5 terabits $1 terabyte is about six-tenths of the world total.5 quintillion $1 quintillion is more expensive than the whole of the United State’s economy.5 quid per terabyte worth about $25,000 worth of Bitcoins.5 zettabytes $1 zettabyte is roughly one-tieth the total size of the Internet.5 gigabytes $10 gigabytes is about 10 trillion.4 terabytes $20 terabytes is more like the size of a thousand megabytes.4 quadigets $1 qubit is roughly equal to the size and value of a million zettblits.3 terabytes per qubit $10 terabytes are about a billion zettbytes.3 quadigetes $1 gigabyte is equivalent to the total value of one petabyte.3 qubit per petabyte $10 qubits are equivalent to one petaflop.3 zettigetres $1 megabyte is more powerful than the entirety of the human brain.2 terabytes and a zettebillion $10,000 and a billion terabytes respectively.2 gigabytes and quadigabytes $50 billion and a terabyte respectively.1 quadigabyte per petabit $10 petabits and terabittons.