Two months after the PowerBall lottery was announced, the company is trying to re-open a lottery.

    As reported by CBC News, the lottery’s owners have decided to change their name to “the Texas Lottery.”

    The Texas Lotteries says the name change is meant to give its business a new name, and that the new company is already up and running with a new logo.

    The lottery’s website now shows a brand new logo for the Texas Lotters, along with the hashtag #TexasLottery.

    The lottery’s current name, which the company changed in the 1990s, is Texas Lotting and Gaming Commission.

    The name changed was announced on the lottery company’s website.

    “We are excited to be able to share the Texas lottery’s brand with the world.

    We have created a new, better and more unique name for the state of Texas,” said the company in a news release.

    “We are a brand that has defined the state’s history for more than 40 years,” the company added.

    “This new name is meant for all of us who love Texas and who have a passion for the games of the lottery.”

    The company has received $3 million from the lottery commission for the new logo and the new brand.

    It will be the third time that the Texas Lotto has changed its name.

    The company first changed its logo to Texas Lottering in 1988 and then changed its brand name to Texas Powerball in 1999.