The odds are looking good for Lamar “Dwayne” Wade, and it might be even better for his girlfriend Danyell “Dwyane” Bledsoe, the Houston Rockets’ guard.

    Wade and BledSOe are expected to get married on Friday.

    According to the Houston Chronicle, the wedding will be held at the Dallas/Fort Worth Convention Center.

    Wade’s wife, Dwyane, is the wife of Houston Rockets guard James Harden, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday.

    Harden is known as the father of the modern-day “Harden baby” in the NBA.

    “Dwight’s been around the block,” a source close to the couple told the Houston Post.

    “He’s always had a lot of support.”

    Harden is also known for being an active player and a good friend of Wade’s, but they have a very different story in common.

    Harden and Wade were teammates in the Houston’s 2007 NBA Championship team.

    During the championship, Harden scored 21 points in the final six minutes to lead the Rockets to a 105-97 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

    “I remember I was the second man in the building, and I was looking down at the basket and he was yelling, ‘Dwyne!


    Harden told The Associated Press in March of 2015.

    “We both jumped for joy, and he kept saying, ‘We’re gonna do it.’

    He said, ‘I’m just going to have to get in that box!'”

    Harden and Bredsoe have a daughter together, Maddie, who was born in July.

    In an interview with the Houston Sports Network, BredSOe said, “My daughter is pretty much my baby.”

    In addition to Bredtoes daughter, Harden also has two daughters, Ella and Sophia, from a previous marriage.

    Dwayne and Danyella Wade had been engaged for three years.

    Danyelle Wade, Dwayne’s fiancee, was recently quoted as saying, “We were just friends, and she loved Dwayne so much.

    She really was a huge part of Dwayne.

    She’s the one that put the brakes on him, just kept him away from the game, away from everything.”

    Wade and Harden are expected for their wedding at the same time.

    Dwyana and Dwyanes son, Danyon, is expected to be married on Sunday.

    According the Associated Press, Dyana Wade’s father, Gary, said Dwayne is “looking forward to his dad’s arrival.”