NEW YORK—Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals were among those who received $1.5 million prizes in the Nevada State Education Lottery this weekend.

    The state lottery awarded $1,000 each to lottery winners and those who played in the three North Carolina education lottery games.

    The money was part of the state’s $2.2 billion education budget for the 2018-19 school year, according to a statement from the lottery.

    The lottery winners, who received a $50,000 bonus, also received $50 free cash prizes for participating.

    They will also receive $1 to $5,000 in educational scholarship funds.

    The scholarship fund will be awarded to students who win the lottery or are part of an existing student-loan program.

    The prize money also came in the form of a cash bonus to those who bought a lottery ticket in the first week of December and were then eligible to purchase a ticket.

    The State Education Department said the lottery winner will receive a $1 per ticket bonus.

    The state’s other two education lottery programs—the North Carolina Lottery and the Tennessee State Lottery—each give $1 for winning a lottery prize.

    The Tennessee lottery award is capped at $100,000.

    The winners of the lottery were able to buy tickets online and by phone.

    They are not eligible to play in any other lottery.