Posted November 09, 2018 09:00:02 The new PaLotto app is a great way to play the lottery.

    The app allows you to choose a number to play with and then you can deposit the winnings straight into your bank account.

    But it’s not all fun and games with the lottery app.

    Here’s everything you need to know to win some big bucks.


    When will I be able to use the app?

    The PaLottos app will be available for download from the App Store starting today.

    You can download the app for free and will receive a notification once the app is live on the Appstore.


    Will my winning ticket expire after a certain number of games?


    The winning ticket expires after the number of times it has been played.


    Will the lottery win me more than one ticket?

    The lottery won’t give you more than $10,000 in winnings.


    Will I be required to show proof of identity?

    The winning tickets will only be issued to the winning person.


    What does the winner need to do if I don’t want to show ID?

    You can still play the game if you don’t have a driver’s licence.


    What happens if I am caught by the police?

    The police will send a warrant to the ticket office.

    The ticket office will have the winning ticket and can then scan it for a driver or passenger.


    How do I get my ticket scanned?

    The ticket shop is located in the parking lot of the PaLotters store in Sydney’s CBD.


    What do I need to wear?

    If you’re planning on wearing a hat and gloves, you’ll need to put on a face mask.


    Can I buy a ticket at the PaLotterys store?

    You will need to bring your ticket and your cash.


    Do I have to pay to play?

    The tickets are free to win.

    You will have to show a valid ID to buy the ticket.


    Can you play in a lot of different states?

    Yes, you can play in any state except the ACT.

    You’ll need your ticket number to register for the lottery in each state.


    Is there a limit to how many tickets can be bought?

    There is no limit to the number you can buy.

    The PaLotters store will allow you to buy up to two tickets at a time.


    Is it safe to buy tickets online?

    The only way to buy a PaLotion ticket online is with a valid driver’s license.

    You must provide the correct photo and address.


    Do you give out any special offers?

    The winner will not be eligible for any special prizes.

    The winners will also not be guaranteed a ticket or a win bonus.


    Is my ticket valid for more than two days?


    Your PaLotty is valid for 30 days.


    What should I do if my winning number doesn’t match my winning tickets?

    The number will match on the ticket until the number is correct.


    Do the tickets come with a warning?

    Yes they do.

    The tickets will include a disclaimer on the back.


    How many tickets will I have?

    There are three ticket types.

    You have a cash ticket, which is $2,000 and can be played in cash.

    You also have a debit card, which will be worth $2.50.


    How long will it take to get my winning money?

    You’ll get your money from your bank within 24 hours after you play the ticket on the lottery website.


    Is a ticket from a different state valid?

    Yes it will match the one on your ticket.


    How can I check my ticket?

    If your ticket doesn’t show up on the Palottery website you can visit the ticket shop to check the winning number.

    You could also use the online form at the ticket store.


    Is the ticket valid online?

    Yes but it is best to play online.

    You won’t get your winnings if you play offline.


    Does my winning lottery ticket expire?

    Your PaLlottery ticket will expire if you lose your winning ticket.


    Can’t I play online?

    Online tickets are valid only in Australia.

    If you want to play in other countries you’ll have to send your winning tickets to your country’s Ticket Office.


    Do they take money out of my winnings?

    Yes your winning lottery tickets can only be used for the following purposes: 1.

    To purchase a ticket for a person to enter the lottery, to pay for an event or for the payment of any other transaction you will not need to make a payment. 2