The winner of a $100 million jackpoole has had the lucky punch in their hands, with the jackpot worth $1,578,000.

    The $1 billion jackpot is worth a total of $3.5 billion in prize money, and will be distributed to the winners, according to the National Lottery.

    The winner of the jackpots will be announced on Friday, with a total prize of $1billion, which includes an estimated $1bn to the lucky winner, as well as an estimated 50 per cent of the total prize pool.

    The jackpot has already been declared, with $5.8 million already paid out.

    The lottery was launched in Australia on December 20, 1996, with an initial draw of 2,600,000 tickets.

    Since then, there have been a total 22,000,000 lottery tickets sold across the country.

    It’s the first time in history that Australia has had two separate jackpot winners, with JackpotOne winning its first jackpot at $1million in 1996 and JackpotTwo winning its second jackpot of $2.1 million in 1997.

    The winners are being announced via a live stream from the jackpit, which will be available for a limited time.

    The first prize is worth $5 billion and the second $2 billion, and is worth an estimated 40 per cent more than the original jackpot.

    The second jackpoket was announced in October 2013.

    In recent years, the jackpong machine has been used to determine winners of the National Parks Lottery, the National Health and Medical Research Council and the National Science Foundation.