The National Association of State Lottery Commissioners announced on Wednesday that it had awarded a $300,000 contract to an Illinois company to run a lottery in Chicago.

    The contract will see the company hire a staff of about 40 employees to run the state lottery, the agency said.

    The company, Boca Win, will begin accepting applications for a $500,000 lottery prize in the city of Chicago and other Illinois counties in April 2019, the Nats said.

    The state lottery is one of the nation’s largest.

    The $300 million contract was awarded in a public-private partnership between the Nants, the Illinois Lottery Commission and the Illinois Economic Development Corp., the agency added.

    The Nats and the Economic Development Corporation partnered to develop the contract, the association said in a news release.

    A separate $100,000 prize in Los Angeles was also awarded to the company.

    The Illinois Lotteries Commission is the state agency responsible for running the state’s lottery system.

    In addition to running the Illinois lottery, it is also responsible for regulating the state sales tax, lottery operators and the commission.

    The state lottery in Illinois was established in 1932 and operates at more than 6.3 million tickets in more than 180 states.