CTA says it’s offering $10 million to winners of a mass lottery ticket after it was revealed a ticket won the jackpot at the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) lottery.

    Key points:The CTA lottery was announced last year, with the winning ticket going to the CTA’s general fundThe winner of the lottery ticket has to pay $10,000 to cover the cost of the ticketThe CAA said they would also donate the ticket to the Chicago Public LibraryThis was the second time CTA has paid out a lottery ticket in the last two years, and the ticket was worth $4.5 million.CTA spokesman David O’Sullivan said the $10M prize would go to the “most generous individual in each state who is willing to donate a ticket for the purpose of making a difference”.

    “The CMA is grateful to the individual who donated their ticket,” he said.

    “The winner will also be given a cash prize for a good deed.”

    The CBA lottery is the most popular lottery in the US and the CBA has a reputation for being generous, with a winning ticket worth $5.5m in 2015.

    In January, a winner of a CTA ticket received a cash donation of $4,000, the highest in the agency’s history.

    The CGA has been handing out lottery tickets for more than 60 years.CBA has won more than $25 million since it was established in 1891, the most recent winning ticket was a $3.8 million ticket in 2016.