The Washington Lottery’s official slogan is “Give me a win” but the state lottery is trying something different this year.

    On Friday, the state announced a new brand of lottery tickets featuring the word “Give” instead of “Win.”

    The move is part of a wider strategy to reinvigorate the lottery as a business, the lottery’s president and chief executive, Bill Mone, told The Washington Post.

    Mone told the Post that the change was part of the state’s effort to help attract more business to the state and also “reflect the fact that Washington has a significant lottery program and we’ve done a lot of things to increase that program and make sure we have the resources to continue to do that.”

    “There are some really strong, passionate fans out there that are very passionate about their games, so I think it’s important for us to keep our fans engaged,” he said.

    The change is part-of a broader strategy to revive the Washington State lottery as an enterprise.

    The lottery was once a state-run business and had been struggling financially for years as it struggled to attract new businesses.

    But last year, it added more than 500 new businesses and hired more than 2,200 employees to help it meet its 2020 goal of generating more than $2 billion in revenue.

    Mona told the Washington Post that he thinks the change reflects the broader strategy of “growing the state, and we’re really trying to grow that in a sustainable way, so we’re trying to stay on top of the game and make our business sustainable.”

    He said the new lottery tickets will be available for sale to the general public beginning on Monday.

    Mones also said that the lottery has recently expanded its marketing efforts, which include putting on live lottery games at restaurants, concerts and other venues.