NEW JERSEY, N.J. — The state lottery has just announced the numbers for its November 2-8, 2020, contests, and the results are amazing.

    The state lottery’s lottery offices have been working on new lottery numbers for several months, and today they unveiled the winner for the Big Apple State Lottery’s largest-ever lottery drawing.

    The winning number is 2,000,824, the state lottery announced.

    This is the first time the lottery has ever used two numbers for the same drawing, said John LaFollette, lottery director.

    The winner of the drawing is determined by a random draw from all registered lottery winners in the state.

    This is the largest lottery drawing in the history of the lottery, said the lottery.

    Here’s what you need to know about the drawing:1.

    The state’s Lottery has been in the news this week for a variety of reasons, including a state agency’s decision to award $7.2 million to the widow of the slain cop, and allegations that the state may be trying to cover up child abuse allegations against its former deputy attorney general.

    The lottery has been criticized for what it says are the same alleged misconduct in recent months, including an allegation that a deputy chief of the Department of Motor Vehicles falsified his resume.2.

    The new lottery number will be unveiled at 2 p.m.

    ET Friday, February 9, and will be available online.3.

    This year’s drawing is the lottery’s fourth since January, and each drawing is unique.

    The last draw was in July.4.

    The winners will be notified via email.

    The winner will receive a cash prize of $100,000 and will also receive a $100 prize, lottery officials said.

    The money goes to the State of New Jersey’s Office of Youth and Families.5.

    For more on the lottery draw, read the full lottery news release. More: