It’s the first time in history that the NHL All Star Game has featured a team with a total of five members from outside of North America.

    But, this time, the North American All-Stars are coming to town in Las Vegas.

    The Kings and Flyers are expected to be in town for the first and only time in the new NHL season.

    So what’s a Las Vegas native to do when the NHL all-star game comes to town?

    Well, there’s not a lot of advice.

    The Kings and Philadelphia Flyers have already announced their participation, but the Kings and the Philadelphia Flyers are not the only NHL teams to make the trip to Las Vegas for the event.

    The NHL All Stars Game will be played in Los Angeles.

    And that means the NHL is in Las, too.

    Here’s a look at the latest news from the NHL and the NHLPA regarding the All-star weekend, including the dates and teams expected to make their way to Las, Nevada.

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