A new book that takes a look at the complexities of buying a lottery ticket is making the rounds, with its title, “How to Get Your Lottery Numbers Right at the Office.”

    And it’s one of the most popular ways to figure out your odds of winning the big prize.

    Here’s what you need to know: The book was published by the New York Times, which is one of several media outlets that have offered a guidebook on how to buy a ticket to the big game.

    The Times article gives advice on how you can buy tickets to the major events, including the Super Bowl and the NCAA Final Four.

    But there’s no guarantee you’ll win a ticket, and there’s little guidance on how much you should spend on a ticket or how long it should last.

    Here are the key elements of the book: How to buy lottery tickets How to choose the right lottery number to buy in an instant, including a full breakdown of each type of ticket