The numbers for the New Jersey lottery have been whittled down to six winners.

    But there’s a twist.

    According to a new analysis of lottery data, there were only three winners in all.

    It all started when a woman named Nancy Naughton wrote a tweet about the winning numbers.

    The tweets generated an uproar, but then Naughson was accused of lying about the actual winner.

    Naughstons account was suspended, and the tweets were pulled from Twitter.

    Now, the Twitter account of a woman called Jennifer Naughman has been suspended, too.

    In the tweets, Naughmons account retweeted Naughtons account, which said it was “not working.”

    Jennifer Naghton, the woman who tweeted about the lottery winning numbers, has been banned from Twitter for two years for using the account.

    Twitter did not respond to requests for comment.

    Naghtons account has since been suspended.

    “It wasnt me.

    It wasnt Nancy Naugts account.

    It’s Jennifer Naugtman.

    I did not do this,” Naughmon told The Washington Post.

    The account was banned because it retweeted another user who was banned for a similar crime.

    The tweet in question was a tweet that read, “We werent going to get caught.”

    Twitter did say that it was not a violation of its terms of service for a user to “share content or engage in political activity that is disparaging to another user.”

    In response, the New York Times reported that Naughts account was being investigated for harassment and that she had been suspended from Twitter because she violated the company’s rules.

    Twitter said that it would not comment on any specific case.

    “As a company, we take this matter very seriously,” the company said in a statement to The Post.

    “We do not comment publicly on specific cases or investigations.”

    The Associated Press reported that Twitter suspended Naughmans account after receiving more than 1,000 complaints about it.

    In response to the ban, Jennifer Nighs family issued a statement that read in part: The Tweets are not true and there is no truth to the claim that I have been suspended because I Tweeted a lot.

    The family is also concerned about the false allegation that I used the account for personal gain.

    I have nothing to do with Nancy Naghts account and I never have.

    I never had anything to do or share with Nancy nor did I share anything with her.

    It is clear that Jennifer Nghts Twitter account is not the real Nancy Nougts account that is tweeting about winning the lottery.

    It has been retweeted thousands of times by people who are also tweeting about the win.

    But the tweets have been retweeting by people that are also saying, “I am going to vote for Jill Stein,” “Jill Stein is the only choice for the United States,” and “I dont care what the odds are.

    Jill Stein is my choice.”

    Twitter has also said that the account was created on January 20, 2020, and that the Twitter app has no record of the user who created it.

    The company has not responded to multiple requests for additional comment.